The Aberystwyth Bowling Club (Plascrug) has been in existence for over 100 years and, during this time, has been very successful, winning the Club Championship of Wales on two occasions. A great deal more information about the Club can be found on our website: The Club currently runs a men’s side in Division 1 of the Ceredigion League and a ladies side in the Llan League (made up of ladies teams from clubs in Ceredigion). The Club has reached a stage in its life when it needs to recruit new members – both men and women – across a wide age spectrum from young to old. Here is an opportunity to participate in a team sport, as well as in individual competition, in a friendly environment of fellowship and camaraderie. Playing bowls also provides the opportunity for healthy exercise. You can play as many times a week you like with an internal league for all bowlers available on Friday evenings. The level of engagement in competitive bowls is entirely the choice of the individual but it is hoped that as many new recruits as possible will be prepared to join the men and women sides in their respective leagues.


In seeking to recruit new members the Club has arranged a series of four coaching or ‘taster’ sessions. These will be run by approved Club coaches and the sessions will follow, in broad terms, the manual approved by the Welsh Bowling Association. The first of these sessions has been arranged for Wednesday 27 April 2016 to start at 6.30 pm. The session is open to all ages – and is for men and women. There will be no charge for this and subsequent sessions. The only request is that you wear flat-soled footwear. All other equipment will be provided by the Club.


The Aberystwyth (Plascrug) Club is located between the Crown Building and the University’s Vicarage Fields. It can be accessed by foot from the lower Buarth Road. If you would like further information before committing yourself to joining the first coaching session please contact Richard Morgan by phone (01970 611301 – evenings only) or by e-mail (



The prestigious Corporation Cup Is a one day competition this year to avoid clashing with men’s County games. There is generous prize money. Entry open up to 21/7/2015. Entry fee £2.50. See the gallery for photos of the cup.

2015 season

The official opening of the 2015 season will be 20/4/2015 with light hearted game starting at 2:00 for 2:30. The mayor is invited to bowl the opening wood of the season.

Any one interested in bowls, in joining the club or just wishing to be a spectator please come along. All of you who attended taster sessions at the end of 2014 please feel free to come along and join in.

All welcome.

The green will be open for a roll up (dependant on weather) the week before.